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The Stone-Campbell Scholars Community is a re-organization of Stone-Campbell Journal, SCJ Conference, and other services under one umbrella.

For the same price as a subscription to the Journal alone (Regular $30 per year; student $20), members now take advantage of many more services plus connect with a network of like-minded scholars and leaders. In addition to an annual, spring and fall subscription to SCJ (choose print or online), members also have access to SCJ archives (over 200 SCJ articles and 1000 book reviews). Other benefits include reduced registration to SCJ Conference, and the opportunity to create a member profile that may include links to personal websites and blogs. Benefits will continue to be added. An added convenience is online notifications and online renewal of annual memberships.

To join as a new member, click the yellow Join Now button on the top right of the SCJ Homepage.

To convert a subscription to a SC Scholars Community membership, the best approach is simply to sign-up as a new community member. If issues arise, contact Membership-Subscriptions Manager, Betsy Chastain, at 513-284-5835 or

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Volume 26 Issue 1

Current Issue:
VOLUME 26, No. 1
Spring 2023



William R. Baker
SCJ Editor 

James Sedlacek
Review Coordinator

Betsy Chastain
Conference Registration & Subscription Manager
(513) 284-5835

Joni Sullivan Baker
Director of Development and Communications

Jeff Painter
Conference Paper Coordinator & Copyeditor
Advertising Manager