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2022: Jesus in the Gospels: Parables, Female Disciples, and Children

Speakers: Amy-Jill Levine (University Professor of New Testament and Jewish Studies and Mary Jane Werthan Professor of Jewish Studies, Vanderbilt University), Amy Lindeman Allen (Assistant Professor of New Testament , Christian Theological Seminary), and Holly Carey (Professor of New Testament, Point University)

Host: Johnson University, Knoxville, Tennessee

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2021: Violence of God in the Old Testament

Speakers: Eric Seibert (Professor of Old Testament, Messiah University), Michelle Knight (Assistant Professor of Old Testament and Semitic Languages, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School), and Mark Hamilton (Onstead Professor of Biblical Studies, Abilene Christian University)

Sponsored by: Lincoln Christian University, Lincoln, Illinois (Virtual)

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2020: Politics and the Stone-Campbell Movement

Speakers: Shaun Casey (Berkley Center for Religion, Peace and Public Affairs), Jess Hale (Attorney with the Tennessee General Assembly), and Richard Cherok, (Ozark Christian College)

Host: Johnson University, Knoxville, Tennessee (Virtual)

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2019: Acts and Paul: Another Look

Speakers: Craig Keener (Asbury Theological Seminary), Jerry Sumney (Lexington Theological Seminary), and David Fiensy, (Kentucky Christian University)

Host: Johnson University, Knoxville, Tennessee

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2018: Theology of Others: Judaism, Islam, and "None-of-the-Aboves"

Speakers: Ellen Charry (Princeton Theological Seminary), Evertt Huffard (Harding School of Theology), and Richard Knopp, (Lincoln Christian University)

Host: Emmanuel Christian Seminar at Milligan

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2017: Communicating the Old Testament

Speakers: Ellen Davis (Duke Divinity School), Chris Heard (Pepperdine University), Jason Bembry (Emmanuel Christian Seminary)

Host: Johnson University (Tennessee)

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2016: War and Peace: The Effect of War on Early American Religion

Speakers: James Byrd (Vanderbilt University Divinity School), Douglas Foster (Abilene Christian University), John Nugent (Great Lakes Christian College).  

Host:  Johnson University (Tennessee)

more about the 2016 Stone-Campbell Journal Conference

2015: New Testament Explorations Septuagint, Acts, and Paul

Speakers:  Dr. Karen Jobes (Wheaton College), Dr. Carl Holladay (Emory University), and Dr. David Matson (Hope International University).

Presented By Hope International University. Hosted by East 91st Street Christian Church in Indianapolis, IN 

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2014: God in Culture: Music, Movies, and Contemporary Life

Speakers: Jeremy Begbie (Duke University) With Craig Detweiler (Pepperdine University) and Phil Kenneson(Milligan College).

Host: Johnson University. 

more about the 2014 Stone-Campbell Journal Conference

2013: Closer to God: Spirituality from the Old Testament

Speakers: John Goldingay (Fuller Theological Seminary) With Paul Kissling (Lincoln Christian University), and Dale Manor (Harding University).

Host: Lipscomb University. 

more about the 2013 Stone-Campbell Journal Conference

2012: What We Learned: Editors Reflect on a Global History of the Stone-Campbell Movement

Speakers: Doug Foster (Abilene Christian University), Paul Blowers (Emmanuel Christian Seminary), Newell Williams (Brite Divinity School, Loretta Hunnicutt (Pepperdine University).  

Host: Lincoln Christian University. 

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2011 Extraordinary: The Body, Miracles, and Demons

Speakers: Luke Timothy Johnson (Emory University); Loren Stuckenbruck (Princeton Theological Seminary); Barry Blackburn (Atlanta Christian College).  

Host: Cincinnati Christian University.

more about the 2011 Stone-Campbell Journal Conference

2010 Blending Old and New: Spirituality in for the 21st Century

Speakers: Speaker Scot McKnight (North Park University); Fred Norris (Emmanuel School of Religion) and Ron Heine (Puget Sound Christian College).

Host: Cincinnati Christian University.

more about the 2010 Stone-Campbell Journal Conference

2009 Dirt, Sex, and Scandal: Digging Up the Old Testament

Speakers: Tremper Longman III (Westmont College); J. J. M. Roberts (Princeton Theological Seminary; Mark Ziese (Cincinnati Christian University).  

Host: Cincinnati Christian University.

more about the 2009 Stone-Campbell Journal Conference

2008 Back Toward the Future: Looking for Theology in the Stone-Campbell Movement

Speakers: Richard Hughes (Messiah College); James Duke (Brite Divinity School), Richard Cherok (Cincinnati Christian University).  

Host: Cincinnati Christian University.

more about the 2008 Stone-Campbell Journal Conference

2007 To the Ends of the Earth: The Christian Mission in New Testament Perspective

Special Guest: Eckhard Schnabel (Trinity Evangelical Divinity School); Jon Weatherly (Cincinnati Christian University); John Harrison (Oklahoma Christian University); Jerry Sumney (Lexington Theological Seminary).

Host: Cincinnati Christian University.

more about the 2007 Stone-Campbell Journal Conference

2006 Embracing God in an Age of Confusion

Special Guest: Clark Pinnock (McMaster University);

Others: John Castelein (Lincoln Christian Seminary) Ronald Highfield (Pepperdine University).  

Host: Cincinnati Christian University.

2005 Engaging the Old Testament Today

Special Guest: Danny Carroll (Denver Seminary);

Others: Jesse Long (Lubbock Christian University); Gary Hall (Lincoln Christian Seminary); Chris Rollston (Emmanuel School of Religion).  

Host: Cincinnati Christian University.

2004 Celebrating 200 Years: From the Last Will to the First Encyclopedia

Special Guest: Randall Balmer (Columbia University);

Others: Doug Foster (Abilene Christian University); Newell Williams (Brite Divinity School).  

Host: Cincinnati Christian University.

2003 The Gospel of John: Past and Present

Special Guest: Craig Blomberg (Denver Seminary);

Others: Tom Thatcher (Cincinnati Bible Seminary); Carisse Berryhill (Harding Graduate School of Religion); Mark Matson (Milligan College).  

Host: First Christian Church, Florissant, MO.

2002 The Problem of Evil in a Chaotic World

Special Guest:  Greg Boyd  (Bethel Theological Seminary);

Others:  John Mark Hicks (Lipsomb University); Mark Krause (Puget Sound Christian College).  

Host:  First Christian Church, Florrissant, MO.

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