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Thirteen Study Groups Go Deep

11.02.2017 17:53 Age: 76 days
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Study groups give scholars the opportunity to join together to hear papers on a common subject of interest.  The leaders of each group may solicit papers and also receive paper inquiries from interested individuals.  However, they decide on the makeup of their 100-minute session themselves. This aspect of the SCJ conference has seen rapid expansion in the last few years.   Thirteen study groups are meeting for the conference this year.Forming a new study group is pretty simple.  Two individuals join together and solicit the study group dean with the title of their study group. .  The dean receives study group applications and also monitors and maintains communication with the group leaders.  The deadline for application is July 1  for the following year.  For the past three years, Jeff Miller (Milligan College) has served in this capacity.  The current dean is Dawn Gentry (Milligan College;

SCJ Conference currently has fourteen certified study groups.  Thirteen are meeting and have programs set for the 2017 SCJ conference.  These thirteen study groups include a total of 36 presentations.   The full information for each group is listed below.

TitleLeader (this name appears on adverstising)Co-Leader
1 Acts and the Early Church Judith Odor
Asbury Theological Seminary
Rob O'Lynn
Kentucky Christian University
2017 Presentations

Rob O’Lynn
"Misplaced Identity? A Hypothetical Argument for Cornelius as the Centurion at the Cross in Luke 23:47"

Judith Odor
"Rhetoric, Theology, and Gentiles: How Acts 10 Creates the Shape of the Mission to the Gentiles"

Cletus Hull
Regent University

"The Compulsion of the Spirit in the Farewell Speech of Paul in Acts 20"


Biblical Teaching on Women

Jeff Miller
Milligan College
Dawn Gentry
Milligan College

2017 Presentations

Conflicts with Second Temple Judaism group

John Nugent
Great Lakes Christian College

"The 'Weaker Sex' or a Weak Translation? Strengthening Our Interpretation of 1 Peter 3:7"

Amy Smith Carman

Texas Christian University

"The Abused Woman: A Feminist Interpretation of John 8"

3 Christian Education James Estep
Lincoln Christian University
Tim Westbrook
Harding University
2017 presentations

Michael Young
Faulkner University

"Ancient Christian Apps for Integrating Faith and Learning:  Silence and Meditation" 

Ross Cochran, Ph.D.
Harding University

"When Harvard Comes to Church:  Case Studies as Bible Curriculum"

Bill Thompson
Discovery Christian Church (Cocoa, Florida)

"Charting a Course through Choppy Seas:  Challenges to Higher Education in the Independent Christian Churches"

4 Contemporary Issues in Intercultural Studies Kip Lines
Hope International University     
Not planning to participate in 2017
5 Jewish Scripture as Christian Scripture J. David Stark
Faulkner University
Paul Kissling
Lincoln Christian University    

2017 Presentations

Brad Haggard (
Asbury Theological Seminary

"The Meaning and Function of כפר in Leviticus 16"

Laura Estes
St. Louis University
"Early Christian Interpretation of Daniel's Four Kingdoms"     

Tyler Stewart
Marquette University

"Abraham’s Faith and Israel’s Law: A study in the Contrasts between Galatians 3 and Romans 4"

6 Old Testament In Ancient Near-Eastern Context Jason Bembry
Emmanuel Christian Seminary
Adam Bean
Johns Hopkins University
2017 Presentations

Adam Bean

"Divine Identity Crises in Ancient Israel and the Near East"  

Jason A. Bembry

"Reconstructing Yahweh’s Chosen at the Spring of Harod: Hebrew and Greek Textual Witnesses to Gideon’s Army in Judg 7:5-6"
7Online Learning and Technology Carl Toney
Hope International University
Alicia Crumpton
Johnson University
2017 Presentations

Timothy Paul Westbrook
Jordan McDonald, Morgan Miller
(Co-Presenters) - Harding University

"An Investigation into the Implications of Dewey's 'Learning Situation' for Online Education"

Bruce Long, Mark Hahlen, Eddy Sanders, David White (Co-Presenters)
Dallas Christian College

"I"ve Never Heard of Ehud!  The Use of Affordable Learning Technology to Increase Student Learning"

J. David Stark
Faulkner University

"Gaming the System: An Approach to Spiritual Formation in Online, Christian Higher Education"
8History and Theology of the Stone-Campbell Movement Jamey Gorman
Johnson University
2017 Presentations

Dyron Daughrity
Pepperdine University

"Martin Luther and Alexander Campbell: Seven Parallels"

Keith Stanglin
Austin Graduate School of Theology


"A 'Theory Full of Sophistry': Alexander Campbell on Arminianism"

John Mark Hicks
Lipscomb University

"The Unfinished Business of the Protestant Reformation:  The Self-Understanding of the Stone-Campbell Movement in the 19th Century."

9Second Temple Judaism Jon Carman
Baylor University
Amy Smith Carman
Brite Divinity School
2017 Presentations

Tommy Moehlman
Lincoln Christian Seminary 

"Reimagination and Reinterpretation: An Analysis of the Characterization of Jacob and Esau in Jubilees"

Amy Smith Carman 
Brite Divinity School

"Judith the Female Warrior" 

Jon-Michael Carman
Baylor University 

"Leviticus, The Book of the Watchers, and the Problem of 'Unclean Spirits.'" 

10Theological Anthropology Dennis Durst
Kentucky Christian University
Steve Cone
Lincoln Christian University

2017 Presentations

Justin Schwartz
"Chapter Three: Bernard Lonergan, Intellectual Conversion, and Authentic Love"

Virgil Warren
"Chapter Four: Disorder and Revolt: The Effects of Sin: Respondent"

Joe Gordon
"Chapter Five: The Graciousness of Being-There: Moral and Religious Conversion"

Dennis Durst
"Chapter Six: Value Ethics: Forming Moral Agents"

Steven D. Cone and R. J. Snell, Authentic Cosmopolitianism: Love, Sin, and Grace in the Christian University (Eugene, OR: Pickwick, 2013).  ISBN 978-1-61097-365-6.

Steve Cone
Lincoln Christian University 

Author Response to panel discussion

11Theological Reflection Joe Gordon
Marquette University
Stephen Lawson
Saint Louis University
2017 Presentations

Stephen Waers
Manhattan Christian College

"Heavenly Visions and Eschatology in The Ascension of Isaiah." 

David Mahfood
Southern Methodist University

"Satisfaction and Universal Salvation: Eschatological Tensions in the Logic of Cur Deus Homo"

Andrew Sutherland
Duke Divinity School

"'Be Fruitful and Multiply': An Eschatological Perspective for Theological Anthropology"     

12 Peace and Social Justice Paul Axton
Forging Ploughshares (non-profit)
Jonathan Totty
Lincoln Christian University
2017 Presentations

Paul Axton
Forging Ploughshares

"The Depth of Violence: The Pervasiveness of the Problem"

Jonathan Totty
Lincoln Christian University

"The Non-Violent Epistemological Premise of the Declaration and Address”

13Philosophy Justin Schwartz
University of Toronto
Paul Axton
2017 Presentations

Dr. Dennis L. Durst

"Ethical Considerations in the Use of Artificial Feeding in End-of-Life Care"

Derek Estes"Only on Strong Evidence!”: Knowledge of God in the Churches OF Christ"

Aaron Clayton
Lincoln Christian University

"Merleau-Ponty and the Intersubjectivity of the Self"

14Patristics Mark Weedman
Johnson University
Ron Heine
Northwest Christian University
2017 Presentations

Mark Weedman
Johnson University.

"The Place of Patristics in the Stone-Campbell Movement" 

James Gorman
Johnson University"Historiography in/of the Stone-Campbell Movement"

"Patristics and the Stone-Campbell Movement: A Conversation in Honor of Paul Blowers"

David Kiger
Marquette University.  

"Early Theologies of Creation and the Stone-Campbell Movement" 

Paul Blowers
Emmanuel Christian Seminary


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