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Lincoln Students Sweep 2017 Student Paper Competitions and win $2500 Scholarships

23.06.2017 18:08 Age: 360 days
Category: General

The Stone-Campbell Journal Student Paper Competition provides students opportunities to grow in their studies and thought.  According to coordinator of the competition, Les Hardin (Johnson University Florida), “The development of budding young scholars would be seriously compromised without the work of faculty sponsors.  Training young minds in the rigors of scholarship, in the discipline of seeing an argument from all sides, defending a thesis, and doing all of this with gentleness and respect is a serious gift that that faculty give to their students.  Those of us at Stone-Campbell Journal appreciate the way faculty sponsors advance the cause of scholarship in the Restoration Movement in this way.” Eight papers were submitted for the paper competition this year, in both graduate and undergraduate divisions.

This year Jonathan Totty  (Lincoln Christian Seminary) won the graduate division with his paper “Irenaeus On the Economy of God” (Sponsor: Steve Cone).  Kory Eastvold (Lincoln Christian University) won the undergraduate division with his paper "’What, Then, Shall We Say?’: The Interpretation of Romans 4.1” (Sponsor: Frank Dicken).  

For the second year the winners were awarded a $2500 scholarships good at ten seminaries and graduate schools associated with the Stone-Campbell Movement, including Abilene Christian, Austin Graduate School, Brite Divinity School, Emmanuel Christian Seminary, Harding Graduate School of Theology, Hope International University, Johnson University, Lexington Theological Seminary, Lincoln Christian Seminary, and Phillips Theological Seminary.

Both Jonathan and Kory received a free one-year membership in Stone-Campbell Scholars Community, which includes a one-year subscription to SCJ and free access to SCJ archives.  They also received free registration to the 2018 SCJ Conference, plus a donation of books from participating publishers, including Baker and Zondervan.

Jonathan and Kory were chosen from three finalists in their respective divisions, each presenting their entries at the conference.  Graduate finalists included:  John Young (U. of Albabama), “Redrawing the ‘Blueprints’ for the Early Church:  Changes in Christadelphian Historical Ecclesiology During the Movement’s First Two Generations,” and Tommy Moehlman (Lincoln Christian Seminary), “Reimagination And Reinterpretation: An Analysis Of The Characterization Of Jacob And Esau In Jubilees.”  Undergraduate finalists included Josh Bush (Great Lakes Christian College), “Elastic Covenant:  The Dangers of Elongating the Noahic Covenant,” and Michaela Miller (Milligan College), “When Tradition is a Trap:  Revisiting the Purpose of Philippians 2:1-11.”   These finalists also received a free one-year membership in Stone-Campbell Scholars Community.

Eight students entered papers for the competition, representing eight different schools, including Johnson University, Great Lakes Christian College, Nebraska Christian College, Milligan College, Lincoln Christian University, and the University of Alabama.

Student competition submissions for the 2018 SCJ Conference are due December 15, 2017.  See competition rules and flyers on the SCJ Website under Conferences and Lectureships/ Student Paper Competition.

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