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Emmanuel Christian Seminary at Milligan Hosts 2018 SCJ Conference

23.06.2017 18:13 Age: 359 days
Category: General, SCJ Conference

The 17th annual SCJ conference will be hosted for the first time by Emmanuel Christian Seminary at Milligan on the beautiful Milligan campus in Johnson City, Tennessee on April 6-7 (Friday, 7:45 a.m. – 7 p.m.; Saturday, 8 a.m. – 1 p.m.)

The theme is Theology of Others: Judaism, Islam, and “None-of-the-Aboves”. Featured speakers include:  Ellen Charry, Margaret W. Harmon Professor of Theology, Princeton Theological Seminary, will present “‘The Wall of Hostility has come Down’: Reconstructing the Theological Relationship Between Judaism and Christianity;” Evertt Huffard, Dean, Harding School of Theology, will present “Allah is God: A Theological Challenge for Muslims and Christians;” and Richard Knopp, Professor of Philosophy & Christian Apologetics, Lincoln Christian University, will present “Understanding and Engaging the ‘Nones’”  

Related papers or papers on other biblical, theological, or historical topics are sought for parallel sessions from experienced scholars as well as from student scholars.  Send your paper title (no abstract needed) to Stewart Penwell, Conference Parallel Paper Coordinator, at absolutely no later than January 20, 2018.  The first 35 paper topics submitted are guaranteed a slot.  After that will depend on rooms available and cancelled papers.

Fifteen study groups welcome inquiries:  

• Acts and the Early Church (

• Biblical Teaching on Women (

• Christian Education (

• History and Theology of Stone-Campbell Movement (

• Jewish Scripture as Christian Scripture (

• Old Testament Prophetic Tradition and Application (

• Online Learning and Technology (

• Patristics (

• Peace and Social Action (

• Philosophy (   

• Second Temple Judaism (

• Synoptic Gospels (

 Teaching the Bible (

• Theological Anthropology (

• Theology Reflection (


Inquiries regarding study groups may be directed to the dean of the study groups:   Dawn Gentry (   

For its fifth year, female scholars are hosting an event (all are welcome).  This year it will be a lunch in a a separate room of the Milligan College cafeteria  (12:15-1:45) with Ellen Charry as guest. If you are interested in attending, please contact Judith Odor (

Student paper competitions will occur in three categories:  Junior/Senior; M.A./M.Div., and Restoration (Isaac Errett Award from the Disciples Historical Society).  Contact Les Hardin ( immediately to indicate your interest and to obtain the competition rules (also available on the SCJ website) for the undergrad and grad competition, and also receive information on the $2500 scholarship available to both undergrad and grad winners. For the Isaac Errett competition, contact Newell Williams (  The winner receives a cash award. Submissions are due December 15, 2017.

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