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07.08.2017 17:36 Age: 2 yrs
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One hundred and ten people gathered for a special buffet dinner and program to celebrate highlights in Stone Campbell Journal history, plus awards, some serious and some not-so-much, to honor the many men and women who have contributed to SCJ’s first 20 years.

SCJ assistant Editors, John Nugent and James Gorman and Stone-Campbell International Board Member Joe Grana announced the awards. SC International board members Alicia Crumpton and Gail Hopkin gave opening and closing prayers. Reflections were delivered by William Baker and five original editors of SCJ 1.1, Richard Knopp, Jon Weatherly, Paul Kissling, Paul Pollard, and Doug Foster.

Award Winners that were present were presented with jars full of special SCJ M & M’s. These were yellow and blue (the colors from SCJ cover) and say "SCJ" or "Congrats SCJ" or "SCJ Turns 20" or "20 years!" . Some also received Amazon gift cards.

At the table for each attendee were copies of SCJ 1.1 and SCJ 20.1, the latter arriving from the printer just a few hours before the start of the dinner, literally hot off the press. They also received a booklet listing articles of each journal from 20.1 to 1.1.

Award Winners present and not present receive certificates. Award Winners are in boldface.

WELCOME:  William Baker, Explain the Evening

REFLECTION:  Richard Knopp, Professor of Philosophy and Christian Apologetics, Lincoln Christian University.   READ by Alicia Crumpton

PRAYER:  Alicia Crumpton

AWARDS: John Nugent

Most likely to scare away an undergrad student

Consensus Tigurinus and a Baptismal Rapproacchement between Baptists and Churches of Christ (John Mark Hicks, 17.2 2014)

The Khirbet Qeiyafa Inscription and 11th-10th Century BCE Israel (Ralph Hawkins, 14.2, 2011).

Divine Sempiternality and "Constructed" Foreknowledge (Kelvin Jones, 8.1, 2005)

Shortest Title

Roberts, J. J. M.

Security and Justice in Isaiah


26 / 30

Thweatt-Bates, Jennifer

Chaos and the Problem of Evil


24 / 29

Lambert, Byron C.

C. S. Lewis as a Moral Teacher


24 / 30

Cleverest Title

Bitten. Branded. Bought: The Apple Logo in Popular Culture and the Bible (Charles Rix, 18.1, 2015)

Stopping Hume's Stopper: A Rejection of a Traditional Attack on Natural Theology(James Sennett, 5.2, 2002)

Bless the Lord, O My Brain?! Has Neuroscience Eliminated the Soul? (John Castelein, 10.1, 2007)

Putting Family Back in the Family of God (Alisha Paddock, 11.1, 2008)

Reflection: Jon Weatherly

AWARDs:  James Gorman

Redundancy Fun/ Most Redundant Articles

Campbell, Paul, and the Old Testament (Bruce Shields, 2.2, 1999)

More Than the "Sermon on the Law": Alexander Campbell and the Old Testament (Mason Lee 17.2, 2014)

Alexander Campbell and the Old Testament (Ron Heine, 5.2, 2002)

Longest Title

Baker, William R.

"(Not) Formally Binding": Scriptural Authority and Private Opinion in Thomas Campbell's Declaration and Address and in the Apostle Paul’s First Letter to the Corinthians


146 / 169

Jeffery, Joshua Ward

"A Barbarous Method of Adjusting Differences": Federal Persecution of Conscientious Objectors in the Disciples of Christ During the Great War, 1917-1919


132 / 152

Kern, John

The Spirit Blows Where It Wills … But Only Through the Word of God?  Debates in the Firm Foundation over the Charismatic Movement of the 1960s


116 / 142

White, Ethelene Bruce

Jane Campbell McKeever (1800-1871): A Brief Biography with Comparison to Her Brother Alexander Campbell on the Issue of Slavery and Abolition


121 / 141


Best New Testament Article

Fiensy, David. The Importance of New Testament Background Studies in Biblical Research: The "Evil Eye" in Luke 11:34 as a Case Study (2.1, 1999).

Blomberg, Craig L. "Give Me neither Poverty nor Riches: A New Testament Theology of Material Possessions" (1999).

Stuckenbruck, Loren. "Why Should Women Cover Their Heads Because of the Angels? (1 Corinthians 11:10)"  (4.2, 2001) 

Best Old Testament Article

"When God is the Problem: From  Allegation to Apologia in the Psalms" (Glenn Pemberton, 17.1, 2014).

"The Rainbow in Genesis 9:12-17: A Triple Entendre?"  (Paul Kissling, 4.2, 2001)

"Top Ten Major Archaeological Discoveries of the Twentieth Century Relating to the Biblical World" (Keith Schoville, 4.1, 2001)

Reflection:  Paul Kissling

ANNOUNCE:  Joe Grana

Most Likely to Start a Bar Fight Among Evangelicals/jar

The Spirit Blows Where It Wills … But Only Through the Word of God? (John Kern, 19.2, 2016)

When God is the Problem: From Allegation to Apologia in the Psalms. Glenn Pemberton (17.1, 2014).

Do We Need the New Testament? John Goldingay (16.2, 2013)

What the Writers Should Have Done Better: A Case for the Resurrection of Jesus Based on the Ancient Criticisms of the Resurrection Reports  (Russ Dudrey, 3.1, 2000)

Has 'Inerrancy' Outlived its Usefulness? Robert Kurka (18.2, 2015)

Reflection: Paul Pollard, Professor of New Testament, Harding University.  READ by Joe Grana

Most Footnotes

111 footnotes.  Ron Highfield "Does the World Limit God:  Assessing the Case for Open Theism" (5.1, 2002)

119 footnotes.  Jack Lewis "Sun of Righteousness:  Malachi 4:2"    (2.1, 1999)

137 footnotes. Shawn C. Smith "New Perspectives on the Campbell-Ferguson Controversy" (19.2). 

Reflection:  Doug Foster

Most Culturally Timely article

Harry Potter and the Baptism of the Imagination (, Carrie Birmingham, 8.2, 2005)

Hamilton, Jennifer. "Super Bowl XXXVI Entertainment: Pop Culture or Propaganda?"  (Jennifer Hamilton, 6.2, 2003).

From Narnia to Hogwarts: A Christian Perspective on Fantasy Literature (James Sennett, 7.1, 2004)

Losing My Religion for Lent: Niebuhr and Gutierrez on Theology as Self-Critique (Chris Simpson, 6.2, 2003)

Best/historically significant Stone-Campbell Movement Article

Baker, William R. “Coming Full Circle: Biblical Scholarship in Christian Churches” (William Baker, 10.2 2007)

Todd, Randy. “Did Alexander Campbell Predict 1866 as the Year of Christ’s Coming” (11.1, 2008).

Matson, David.  "Who Wrote the Lunenburg Letter? The Untold Story of the "Conscientious Sister" of Lunenburg"  (David  Matson11.1, 2008)

Knowles, Lloyd. Sidney Rigdon: The Benedict Arnold of the Restoration Movement? (6.1, 2003)

ANNOUNCE:  Bill Baker

Most Provocative, Controversial

Jesus and Paul on Tolerance: The Strange Exorcist and the Strange Concession" (Carl Bridges, 1.1, 2008).

Five Postmodern Fingers: Walter Scott for the 21st Century (Mark Krause, 7.2, 2004)

Can the Christian Faith Survive If Belief in Objective Truth Is Abandoned? A Reply to John Castelein (Phil Kenneson, 2.1, 1999)

Hawkins, Ralph "Infant Baptism and the Boundaries of Christian Fellowship"  (5.1, 2002)

Most Valued Article Evaluators

Go to for NT

Barry Blackburn, Point University

Go to for quick, insightful

Carl Bridges, Johnson University

Most Evaluations

Rick Cherok, Cincinnati Christian University

Most Published Articles

Carl Bridges 

1998  (1.1) Jesus and Paul on Tolerance: The Strange Exorcist and the Strange Concession   1.1  1998

2001 Degrees of Punishment and Reward in the Gospels  14.1   2001

2006  Canonical Status of the Longer Ending of Mark, The    9.2  2006

2008  Canonical Status of the Pericope Adulterae (John 7:53-8:11), The   11.2  2008

2011  Evil Eye in the Sermon on the Mount, The    4.1   2011

2016 Tribal Sabbaths: Rest Days in the Bible and in African Traditional Religions  19.1  2016


Life-Time Achievement Award Recipient:   Robert Hull, Emeritus Professor of New Testament, Emmanuel Christian Seminary, Milligan College.

Reflection:  William Baker, Editor, SCJ.   Professor of New Testament, Hope International University.

Closing Prayer:  Gail Hopkins, SC International Board Member

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