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2019 SCJ Conference Successfully Hosted by Johnson University

23.07.2019 20:36 Age: 351 days
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Two hundred thirty-three people attended the 2019 SCJ Conference, April 5-6, hosted by Johnson University, Knoxville, TN. Attendees from California, Texas, Florida, Illinois, Michigan, North Carolina, Missouri, Tennessee, Nebraska, Virginia, Wisconsin, Alabama, Colorado, Pennsylvania, Kansas, Kentucky, Canada, and Kenya enjoyed the excellent facilities and resources that were made available.

Sixty-eight attended enjoyed a casual dinner in the Gally Commons on Friday evening featuring lettuce wraps and a chocolate fountain. Lots of conversation filled the room against backdrop of live, light jazz.

Attendees travelled from 45 different colleges, universities, and graduate schools, with Great Lakes Christian College once again leading the way with 11, followed by Milligan College (9), Lincoln Christian University (8), Emmanuel Christian Seminary (7), Abilene Christian University (7), and Johnson University (10), Harding University (10) Lincoln Christian University (8), Abilene Christian University (7).Asbury Theological Seminary (7). Attendees also came from ten different churches. Most attendees were faculty (84), then students (65). Students included Graduate (28), undergraduate (19), and Ph.D. (17).

The theme of Acts and Paul: Another Look was addressed by our featured speakers who included: Craig Keener, F. M. Ada Thompson Professor of Biblical Studies, Asbury Theological Seminary, who presented "Interpreting Acts: The Value of Cultural Background, and Interpreting Romans: The Mind of the Spirit;" Jerry Sumney, Professor or Biblical Studies, Lexington Theological Seminary, who presented "Interpreting First Corinthians: The Value of Tradition;" and David Fiensy, Emeritus Professor of Biblical Studies, Kentucky Christian University, who presented "Interpreting Acts: The Value of Archaeology."

These lectures were complemented by more than 82 experienced and emerging scholars gave presentations by in parallel sessions, 14 study groups, and student paper context sessions.

On Friday afternoon of the conference, William Baker, director of the conference, was pleased to present the lifetime achievement award to Gary Hall, long-time Professor of Old Testament at Lincoln Christian University. In addition to being an influential teacher with Lincoln, having prepared many students to complete Ph.D. degrees in Old Testament, Gary was an avid supporter of Stone-Campbell Journal and SCJ Conference. His papers on Deuteronomy were a staple of the conference for its earlier years. He also served as a consulting editor, taking on the task of assigning Old Testament book reviews.

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