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2021 SCJ Conference Presenters

17.03.2021 20:16 Age: 260 days
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Twentieth Annual SCJ Conference Hosted by Lincoln Christian University, Lincoln, Illinois
April 16-17, 2021
Registration Closes April 15, 2021


Featured Speakers:

Eric Seibert Professor of Old Testament, Messiah University

"Solving the Problem of God's Violent Behavior in the Old Testament: Is Jesus the Answer?"

"Preaching and Teaching from Violent Old Testament Texts: Pitfalls and Possibilities"

Michelle Knight Assistant Professor of Old Testament and Semitic Languages, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School

"Sexual Violence at Gibeah (Judges 19)"

Mark Hamilton Onstead Professor of Biblical Studies, Abilene Christian University

"No Shalom for the Wicked? Peace after War in the Book of Isaiah"


Joseph Baumstrauck (University of Louisville) "Alexander Hamilton: Antebellum Communication Innovator"

Zach Breitenbach (Lincoln Christian University) "A Case for How Eschatological and Soteriological Considerations Strengthen the Plausibility of a Good God"

Doug Burleson (Freed-Hardeman University) "Examining the Tyndale House Greek New Testament: A Comparative Analysis of the Text of John's Gospel"

Donnie Collings (Trinity Theological College) "A Discourse on Alcohol in the Restoration Movement"

William Custer (Cincinnati, OH) "Forty Years of Progress in Christian Apologetics: An A-Theist Changes His Mind"

Dennis L. Durst (Kentucky Christian University) "The Human Dignity of Women and Enslaved Persons in the 19th Century: A Social Dimension of Theological Anthropology"

CherylEaton (Lincoln Christian University) "Joshua 24:2–13: Rethinking the Place of Recital in OT Theology"

David Fletcher (Independent Researcher, Coffee County, TN) "Hanged on a Tree and Cursed by God: An Examination of the Uses of Deuteronomy 21.22-23 in the New Testament"

Joshua Houston (Faulkner University) "The Priest's New Clothes: Exploring Zechariah 3:1-10 as a Backdrop to Paul's Baptism Theology"

Christopher Jones (Faulkner University) "The Septuagint and the Gospels: A Look at the institution Passages"

Mark Krause (Nebraska Christian College) "The Mischief of Biblical Transliteration" NT

Benjamin Lantzer (Minneapolis, MN) "Ancient Lights and the New Humanity: A Biblical Theology of Stars"

Chauncey A. Lattimer, Jr. (First Christian Church - Brook, IN) "Power and Pugnacity: Pastoral Issues and Approaches"

Hunter Maerz (Ashland City, TN) "Imperfect Happiness: The Collision of Theosis and Telos within the Virtue Theory"

Jeff Miller (Milligan University) "Must a Wife Respect her Husband? Translating Ephesians 5:33"

Daniel Mueller (Marquette University) "Reading Synagogue Space in Luke-Acts: A Geocritical Analysis"

John Nugent (Great Lakes Christian College) "John Howard Yoder: Getting to Know His Life and Work"

Rob O'Lynn (Kentucky Christian University) "God's Wager: A Theological-Homiletic Reading of Job 1-2"

Melvin Otey (Faulkner University) "Toward Taming the Parable"

James Sedlacek (University of Manchester) "The Perfect Tense in Pauline Discourse"

Michael Shepherd (Hope International University) "Inclusion as a Nonviolent Necessity: An Appeal to Stone-Campbell Movement Ideals"

Andrew Sutherland (Baylor University) "The Violence of Debt: Economic and Theological Perspectives"

Sam Turpin (Marquette University) "The Rhetoric of Revelation: Unveiling and Illumination in Rom 1-4"

Nathan Ward (Florida College) "Esther Among Her Peers: Interbiblical Dialogue as Key to a Religious Reading of Esther"

John Young (Amridge University) "Disciples of Christ and the University of Alabama School of Religion That Wasn't, 1920-1935"

Walter D. Zorn (Lincoln Christian University) "The Violence of the Lamb: Revelation's Imagery"


Undergraduate Student Paper Finalist

Presider: Les Hardin
Johnson University Florida

Alina Westbrook
Harding University
Sponsor: Peter Rice

"Redaction In 1 Chronicles 13 Through 16: Reenvisioning A Deuteronomistic Story With Post-Exilic Eyes"

Brian Kelly
Johnson University Florida
Sponsor: Les Hardin

"Then I Saw A [Re]New[Ed] Heaven And A [Re]New[Ed] Earth: The Nature Of John's Eschatological Expectation"

Mikaela Miller
Johnson University Tennessee
Sponsor: Rafael Rodriguez

"The Local Authorities: A Sociopolitical Reading Of The Gospel Of Mark."

Graduate Paper Finalists

Alicia Williamson
Harding School of Theology
Sponsor: Mark Powell

"Divine Suffering And Passibility: Terence Fretheim And Jürgen Moltmann"

Andy Fleming
Abilene Christian University
Sponsor: Wes Crawford

"The Founding Of The United States Of America – 'A Free Christian Nation' Or 'A Nation Free To Be Christian'."

David Reed
Bushnell University
Sponsor: Dennis Lindsay

"Spirit in the Old Testament: The Foundation for the New."

Isaac Errett Award Finalist

Stephen Garrett
Cumberland University

"Southern Dissent? Evaluating Disciples of Christ Loyalty to the Confederate States of America."


Acts and the Early Church

Presiders: Judith Odor
Asbury Theological Seminary
Rob O'Lynn
Kentucky Christian University

Rob O'Lynn
Kentucky Christian University
'Moses and the Prophets': The Emmaus Narrative as Homiletic and Theological Lens for Early Christian Preaching

Stan Helton
Alberta Bible College
Acts in the Writing of Origen

Paul R. McCuiston
Saint Leo University
The Speeches of Acts as a Model for Contemporary Preaching

Biblical Teaching on Women

Presider: Dawn Gentry
Christ Community Church/Nebraska Christian College

Theme: Our Experiences Teaching about the Bible and Women
Holly Carey
Point University

Ken Cukrowski,
Abilene Christian University

Heather Gorman
Johnson University Tennessee

Jeff Miller
Milligan University

Christian Education

Presiders: James Estep
Central Christian College of the Bible
April Sholty
Campbellsville University
Church Music During the Stone Campbell Movement and Cane Ridge Revival.

James Riley Estep
Central Christian College of the Bible
Ryan Eidson
Central Christian College of the Bible
Elders as Teachers: Insights from the Old Testament and Intertestamental Jewish Texts.

Bridget Powell University of Wisconsin Tim Westbrook Harding University Where do we go from here? Online and Remote Teaching in the Age of Covid 19

Ecclesiology and Social Ethics

Presiders: Shaun Brown Johnson University Kate A. K. Blakely Great Lakes Christian College

Charles Kiser
Storyline Christian Community, Dallas, TX
Trauma-Informed Mission: Understanding Spiritual Abuse and Trauma and the Implications for Ecclesiology and Ethics.

Steve Gardner
Authentic Theology

Death-Row Pastoral Care Through Preaching: A Theological, Psychological, and Practical Framework
Ron Clark
George Fox University

Christian Leadership

Presider: Chris Beard
Johnson University

Ron Clark
George Fox University
Confronting Misogyny, Pastoral Care, and Leadership in Sacred Community

David White
Johnson University
Mentoring in a Pandemic World

Jason D. Bland
Regent University
Ethical Leadership: A Call to Action for Christian Leaders

Max K Harris
Duke University
Empowering a Diversity of Voices: An Ethical and Practical Necessity of Leadership

History and Theology of the Stone-Campbell Movement

Presider: James L. Gorman
Johnson University

Theme: Centennial Reflections on the Significance of E.L Jorgenson's Great Songs of the Church (1921)

Moderator: D.J Bulls
Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary

McGarvey Ice
Abilene Christian University

"'The Gospel Is For All': the Story of One of E. L. Jorgenson's Great Songs of the Church"

John C. Wakefield
Milligan University

"The Influence of Great Songs of the Church Among Christian Churches"

J.S. Wolfgang
University of Kentucky

"The Influence of Great Songs of the Church on Subsequent Hymnals: The Case of 'Psalms, Hymns, and Spiritual Songs'"


John Wiegand
Editor of Praise for the Lord

Jerry Rushford

Old Testament in Ancient Near Eastern Context

Presider: Adam Bean
Milligan College

Joseph Mueller,
Manhattan Christian College

"The Fracturing of the Divine: Lamentations 2 as Traumatic Theological Reorientation"

Ron Clark,
Kairos Church Planting/George Fox University

"Your Warriors Will Become Women: The Feminization of Exiles, Captives, and Survivors in Ancient Jehud"

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