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2021 Annual Stone-Campbell Journal SBL Reception Discusses Race and Justice

11.01.2022 21:29 Age: 320 days
Category: General

About 45 scholars associated with the Stone-Campbell Movement gathered on Friday, November 19, 2021, during the Society of Biblical Literature annual meeting in San Antonio, TX. Hosted by Stone-Campbell Journal, they enjoyed personal conversation among themselves and also a formal conversation between Doug Foster (Abilene Christian University) and Jerry Sumney (Lexington Theological Seminary. Their two recent books intersect on the matter of biblical hermeneutics of race and justice. Foster wrote A Life of Alexander Campbell (Eerdmans, 2020) and Sumney wrote The Politics of Faith: The Bible, Government, and Public Policy (Fortress, 2020). David Fiensy (Kentucky Christian University) moderated a discussion centered on the way in which Campbell interprets biblical support for slavery and how Sumney interprets the Bible to support Christian participation in politics to bring justice for marginalized people.

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