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2023 SCJ Conference Parallel and Study Group Presentations

03.03.2023 18:50 Age: 1 year
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2023 Parallel Sessions

Joseph Baumstarck
Independent Scholar, Louisville, KY
Alexander Campbell, Joseph Smith, and Charles Finney: Comparison and Contrast

Shaun Brown
First Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) Garland, TX
George Lindbeck: A Biographical and Theological Introduction

Paul Chimhungwe
McMaster Divinity College
Content Contextualizing Worship Responses to the Gospel in Indigenous Cultures: Singing in the Churches of Christ Acappella in the Kingdom of Eswatini

Gary Collier
Institute for the Art of Biblical Conversation
Paul in Conversation: In Search of an Authentic Paul in 1 Thessalonians

Wes Crawford
Abilene Christian University
A Monumental Moment: Carl Spain Takes Center Stage at the 1960 Abilene Christian College Lectureship

William Custer
Cincinnati, OH
More Progress in Evangelical Apologetics: Revelational Theism

David Fletcher
Independent Researcher, Coffee County, TN
Paul's Eschatology in 1 Corinthians 13:12: Knowing Face to Face (Then) Versus Through Enigma (Now)

Jennifer Gash
Fuller Seminary (Isaac Errett Award Winner)
"Let the Children Come" to the Joy Bus

Heather Gorman
Johnson University
The Characterization of Joseph in Matthew: Faithful Jew and Exemplar of Jesus’s Teachings

Stan Helton
Alberta Bible College
The Text of Acts in the Writings of Origen: Results of Research

David Hester
Faulkner University
Did Paul Accept 'The Apocryphon of Jannes & Jambres' as Scripture?

Adam Hogan
Texas Tech
One God, One Nature: An Environmental History of the Stone-Campbell Movement

Joshua Houston
Faulkner University
The Absence of Circumcision and the Abrahamic Covenant in the Book of Hebrews

Christopher Jones
Faulkner University
The Road to Emmaus: Burning Hearts and Broken Bread

Benjamin Lantzer
First Christian Church, Flora, IN
Sound Doctrine and New Creation: Paul's Parabolic Use of Genesis 2-3

Kevin Larsen
Mid-Atlantic Christian University
An Iron Age I Monumental Building . . . could it be?

James McMillan
Disciples of Christ Historical Society
Alexander Campbell, Jr.: Like Father, Like Son?

Matthew Miller
Trinity Bible College and Graduate School
"Proclaiming the Beauteous": Gadamer's Aesthetics and the Christian Kerygma

Aaron Monts
Johnson University
Black Jesus, White Jesus, Colorless Jesus: A Racialized Christology

John Nugent
Great Lakes Christian College
The Politics of Praise: Speaking Peace to Power

Melvin Otey
Faulkner University
The Septuagint and Jesus's Theological Vocabulary

Stewart Penwell
Corydon, IN
The Elder's Conditioning Conditionals in 1 John

Leanna Rierson
Maritime Christian College
Paul’s First Person Singulars vs. Plurals in 2 Corinthians 10-13 and Philippians - Humble or Proud Leadership?

James Sedlacek
Israel Institute of Biblical Studies
The Meaning of αὐθεντεῖν: Some Considerations for 1 Tim 2:12

Nathan Shedd
Johnson University
A Joyful Letter? Reconfiguring the Occasion and Rhetorical Aim of Paul's Letter to the Philippians

Nathan Ward
Florida College
Are Behemoth and Leviathan Two-of-a-Kind?

Virgil Warren
Vermillion Christian Church, Vermillion, KS
Prolegomena to Men and Women in Christ

David White
Johnson University
Beyond Servant Leadership: A New Paradigm for Church Leadership

J. Blair Wilgus
Hope International University
Elisha and the Bears: Using Violent Texts in Ministry Settings

John Young
Amridge University
Truths or Tall Tales? Investigating Two Unusual Anecdotes from Stone-Campbell Movement History

2023 Study Group Sessions

Acts and The Early Church


  • Judith Odor, Asbury Theological Seminary
  • Rob O’Lynn, Kentucky Christian University

Stan Helton
Alberta Bible College
Intertextual Links Between the Story of Achan and the story of Ananias and Sapphira

Lee Hagewood
Asbury Theological Seminary
Paul's Exemplary Ministry: Acts 20:17-35 and Exempla in Ancient Historiography

Biblical Teaching On Women


  • Laurel Guy, Milligan University
  • Samuel Guy, Milligan University

Mary Ellen Pereira
Grandview Christian Church
Antidote for Treason: Eusebeia and the Themes of 1 Timothy

Brian Baldwin
Bridges Christian Church, Ashland, KY
Artemis Ephesia and 1 Timothy 2

Christian Leadership


Chris Beard, Johnson University

Laura B. Macias
Johnson University
Fostering Cultural Humility in Short-term Missions

Mike Young
Faulkner University / Johnson University
What a Character: Virtue Formation and Leadership

Ecclesiology & Social Ethics


Shaun Brown, First Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), Garland, TX

Aaron Monts
Johnson University
Learning the Full Story: Addressing Critical Race Theory, Whiteness, Intersectionality, and Our Assumptions

Collin Packer
Office of Texas State Representative Carl O. Sherman

Lamont Ross
Marsalis Avenue Church of Christ
Racial Unity and Justice in the Aftermath of the Murder of Botham Jean

History and Theology of The Stone-Campbell Movement


James Gorman, Johnson University

Panel Discussion with Plenary Speakers:
"Continuing the Conversation: Doing History"

Loretta Loretta Hunnicutt Pepperdine University

Douglas A. Foster
Abilene Christian University

Edward Robinson
Texas College

Life, Letters, and Legacy of Paul


  • Jordan C. Stanley, Asbury Theological Seminary
  • Rafael Rodriguez, Johnson University

Christopher R. Hutson
Abilene Christian University
"Ordaining Elders in Every City" (Acts 14:23): Anthropological Considerations On Elders in Traditional Societies.

Ethan Johnson
University of St. Andrews
The Lord's Supper and the Logic of Sacrifice

Leanna Rierson
Maritime Christian College
An Analysis of Paul's Boasting in 2 Cor 10-13 Using Contemporary Humility Theories

Old Testament in Ancient Near Eastern Context


  • Adam Bean, Milligan University
  • Aaron Woods, Milligan University

Rachel Nabulsi
Point University
‘What is this thing you have done?': Questions, Accusations, and Emotion in the Hebrew Bible

Hermann Finch
Asbury Theological Seminary
God Working through Humanity: Exodus 3:1-15 and the Theology of Divine-Human Partnership

Samuel Guy
Emmanuel Christian Seminary at Milligan
Determinism, Intercession, and Theodicy in Daniel and the Book of the Watchers

Pastoral Theology and Leadership


  • James Estep, Lincoln Christian University
  • Tim Westbrook, Harding University

Bill Thomas
Central Christian College of the Bible
Ministry and Diversity: Preparing Students to Minister Across Lines of Racial, Cultural, and Socio-Economic Differences

Joseph P. Moleski
Great Lakes Christian College
Psychological Safety and the Church

Ron Clark
Kairos Church Planting; George Fox University
Bridging the Gap: Training Church Planter Candidates for Ministry Theologically and as Practitioners"



  • David Kiger, Emmanuel Christian Seminary
  • Mark Weedman, Johnson University

Tyler Stewart
Lincoln Christian University
A Curious Heresy: The Salvation of Adam in Second Temple Judaism and Early Christianity

Alyssa Elliott
Emory University
Show me your God: Identifying the Christian God in Theophilus of Antioch's Ad Autolycum

Mark Weedman Johnson University Novatian’s use of Philippians 2.6-7 SYNOPTIC GOSPELS


Kevin Burr, Kings Crossing Church of Christ, Corpus Christi, TX

Ron Clark
George Fox University
Touched by a Sinner? Sinful Women and the Men Who Exploit or Love Them: A Study of Luke 7:36-50

Eric Brandell
Harding School of Theology
The Sabbath Controversy and the Christological Authority of Jesus: An Exegetical Analysis of Matthew 12:1-8

Tyler Hallstrom
Asbury Theological Seminary
A Den of Thieves? Jesus's Action in the Temple and the Question of Economic Exploitation

Theological Anthropology


  • Dennis Durst, Kentucky Christian University
  • Steven Cone, Lincoln Christian University

Virgil Warren
Vermillion Christian Church, Vermillion, KS
Trimming Back ‘Theology’ by Shedding Natural Depravity

Dennis L. Durst
Kentucky Christian University
Louis Auguste Sabatier and the Subjective Turn in Theological Education

Justin Schwartz
First Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), Louisburg, KS
Re-membering Christian Existence: Kierkegaard’s Task and Method

Pursuing A Ph.D. Roundtable


Nick Zola

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