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2005 Promising Scholars

Abilene Christian University

Jeremy Loy
David Shaw
Travis Stanley

Cincinnati Christian University -- Undergraduate

Nathaniel Oliver
Nathaniel Hardesty


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Cincinnati Christian University -- Graduate

Chris Keith
Beth McCabe

Emmanuel School of Religion

Nathan Hawkins
Heather Dana Davis Parker

Great Lakes Christian College

Justin K. Rowe

Harding Graduate School of Religion

Robert Meyer
Jeremy O’Clair

Harding University

Wesley Kuryluk

Lincoln Christian College

Joel Searby

Lincoln Christian Seminary

Sam Draper
Stephanie Hall

Lipscomb University

Noah Etheridge
Paul Halliday
Kelly Jones
Wilson Mcoy

Lubbock Christian University -- Undergraduate

Shenai Rieken
Heidi Archer

Lubbock Christian University -- Graduate

Shawn T. Mills

Milligan College

Travis Weeks

Oklahoma Christian University

Joshua Kingcade
Christopher Stinnett

Pepperdine University

Peter McNeiley
Travis Weber

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