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Abilene Christian University


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Cincinnati Christian University


Curtis Rogers
Meghan Playle


Carl Sweatman
James Yamoah


If your provider finds no signs of physical illness, they may refer you to a psychiatrist or psychologist. These mental health professionals specialize in diagnosing and treating mental illnesses. They may use specially designed interview and assessment tools to figure out if you have an anxiety disorder. Typically, the provider bases a diagnosis on: Your reported symptoms, including how intense they are and how long they last. Discussion of how the symptoms interfere with your daily life. The provider’s observation of your attitude and behavior.

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Dallas Christian College

Nathan Jewett

Emmanuel School of Religion

W.G. Hulbert
Steve Lyons

Great Lakes Christian College

Kate Blakely

Harding University


Travis Trull


Caleb Borchers

Johnson Bible College


Jack Weinbender


Andrew Lloyd Bennett

Kentucky Christian University

Paul Potter
Sung Bauta

Lexington Theological Seminary

Robert Turner
Cynthia Priem

Lincoln Christian Seminary

Joe Puckett
Joe Gordon

Lubbock Christian University


Joshua Rodriguez


Rob O’Lynn

Milligan College

Matthew Shedd

Nebraska Christian College

Sarah Juve

Northwest Christian College

Daniel T. Szczesniak

Pepperdine University

Bryan Fojtasek

Roanoke Bible College

Howard Anthony Guidry

Saint Louis Christian College

David Altman

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