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Article Index

Article Index

This is an index of all the articles published in the Stone-Campbell Journal.  Each article is linked to a detail page with more information about the author and it's abstract.  Registered Users may purchase these articles.

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Title Vol No Year
Blackburn, Barry, Sr.Book Review of Evangelicalism & the Stone-Campbell: Volume 2, Engaging Basic Christian Doctrine22006
Clark, Ronald R., Jr.Family Management or Involvement? Paul's Use of proistemi in 1 Timothy 3 as a Requirement for Church Leadership22006
Amonette, Austin BennettAmbiguous Partnership of Alexander Campbell and the Baptists, The22006
Baker, William R.Coming Full Circle: Biblical Scholarship in Christian Churches22007
Barnett, LisaDisturber of the Peace:The Life and Work of Elizabeth B.Grannis12013
Brown, Shaun C.Paul and Wittgenstein on the Eucharist as Proclamation12013
Bruner, Ron"A Being of Wondrous Beauty": Spiritual Formation and Theosis in the Work of J. H. Garrison12012
Duke, James O.Hermeneutics of the Early StoTne-Campbell Movement, The12009
Eaton, CherylByzantine Church in Procession: Stational Liturgy Evidenced at Decapolis Abila12013
Estes, Laura Locke."Signs of the Times": Islam and Millennial Expectations of the Barclay Mission22015
Foster, Douglas A.What I Learned about African-Americans12013
Foster, Douglas A.Last Will and Testament of the Springfield Presbytery: Its Presbyterian Context and Signers, The22004
Gannon, DanWith Whom Should We Be United? A Biblical Theology of Church Unity22000
Groover, R. Edwin"General Apostasy from Good Taste and Good Sense": Alexander Campbell's Critique of Fashionable Religion, The11999
Hale, Jess O., Jr.Long Shadow of Slavery: American Public Morality and the Stone-Campbell Restoration Movement, The12005
Handasyde, KerrieTransforming History: The Origins of the Stone-Campbell Movement in Victoria, Australia12014
Heine, Ronald E.Alexander Campbell and the Old Testament22002
Henderson, DonAlexander Campbell on the Bible12006
Hicks, John Mark"God's Sensible Pledge": The Witness of the Spirit in the Early Baptismal Theology of Alexander Campbell11998
Hicks, John MarkChurches of Christ and the Lord's Supper: Twentieth Century Perspectives22010
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