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Article Index

Article Index

This is an index of all the articles published in the Stone-Campbell Journal.  Each article is linked to a detail page with more information about the author and it's abstract.  Registered Users may purchase these articles.

The listing may be sorted by Volume, Number, and Year by clicking on the appropriate column head.  You may also filter by author name by selected the author from the drop down list below.

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Title Vol No Year
Brown, Shaun C.Paul and Wittgenstein on the Eucharist as Proclamation1612013
Bruner, RonA Being of Wondrous Beauty: Spiritual Formation and Theosis in the Work of J. H. Garrison1512012
Burgess, AaronAcademic Freedom in Christian Church (Independent) Institutions of Higher Education: Critical Matters Regarding Academic Freedom1812015
Carey, HollyTeachings and Tirades: Jesus' Temple Act and His Teachings in Mark 11:15-191012007
Carey, HollyDiscipleship as Action in Luke 10:38-42: Be Like Mary and Martha2612023
Cariaga, Peter H.Creed in Metre: A Study in Campbell's First Hymnal1312010
Carman, Amy SmithAbigail: The Wise Woman of Carmel1812015
Carr, RaymondReview Article: Slavery’s Long Shadow2412021
Castelein, John P.Can the Restoration Movement Plea Survive If Belief in Objective Truth Is Abandoned?111998
Castelein, John P.Bless the Lord, O My Brain?! Has Neuroscience Eliminated the Soul?1012007
Caulley, Thomas ScottReview of The Transforming Word: A One-Volume Commentary on the Bible1212009
Cherok, Richard J.Citizen Campbell: Alexander Campbell and Early American Politics2412021
Cherok, Richard J.The Theological Foundations of Alexander Campbell’s Educational Philosophy2612023
Cochell, TrevorReligious Establishments of Jeroboam I, The812005
Cone, Steven D.Non-Penal Atonement and Anselm's Satisfaction Theory1812015
Crawford, WesJames Fowler's Silence: The White Moderate and the American Civil Rights Movement2512022
Dudrey, RussWhat the Writers Should Have Done Better: A Case for the Resurrection of Jesus Based on the Ancient Criticisms of the Resurrection Reports312000
Duke, James O.Hermeneutics of the Early Stone-Campbell Movement, The1212009
Dyke, Dan J.Evolution as Mythology: Is the Modern Theory of Evolution Science or Myth?1312010
Eaton, CherylByzantine Church in Procession: Stational Liturgy Evidenced at Decapolis Abila1612013
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