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Article Index

Article Index

This is an index of all the articles published in the Stone-Campbell Journal.  Each article is linked to a detail page with more information about the author and it's abstract.  Registered Users may purchase these articles.

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Title Vol No Year
Hunter, Steven C.Barton Stone's 'Impetus': The Pioneer Preacher, John Mulkey1822015
Jobes, Karen S.O Taste and See: Septuagint Psalm 33 in 1 Peter1822015
Jones, Austin L.Songs in Three Streams: Charting the Historical Development of the Stone-Campbell Movement Through Its Hymnals1322010
Jones, John DavisAlexander Campbell and the 'Kingdom' Prophecies of Daniel2222019
Jones, Melynne B.Songs in Three Streams: Charting the Historical Development of the Stone-Campbell Movement Through Its Hymnals1322010
Keener, CraigThe Mind of the Spirit in Romans2222019
Kennard, DougEvangelicalism and the Stone-Campbell Movement: A Review from Four Perspectives522002
Kissling, Paul J.Coming Full Circle: Biblical Scholarship in Christian Churches1022007
Kissling, Paul J.The So-Called Post-Exilic Return: Already-But-Not-Yet In Ezra-Nehemiah1722014
Kissling, Paul J.Rainbow in Genesis 9:12-17: A Triple Entendre?, The422001
Knopp, Richard A.Understanding and Engaging the 'Nones'2122018
Knopp, Richard A.A Tribute to Dr. Robert C. Kurka2122018
Krause, Mark S.Five Postmodern Fingers: Walter Scott for the 21st Century722004
Kurka, Robert C.Has Inerrancy Outlived Its Usefulness?1822015
Lambert, Byron C.C.S. Lewis as a Moral Teacher121998
Langstaff, BethA Case of Apostolic Discontinuity: John Calvin on the Anointing of the Sick for Healing1622013
Lee, MasonMore Than the Sermon on the Law: Alexander Campbell and the Old Testament1722014
Linton, GregoryHouse Church Meetings in the New Testament Era822005
Longman, Tremper IIIChallenging the Idols of the Twenty-First Century: The Message of the Book of Ecclesiastes1222009
Magness, LeeA Tribute to Dr. Robert F. Hull, Jr.2022017
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