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Article Index

Article Index

This is an index of all the articles published in the Stone-Campbell Journal.  Each article is linked to a detail page with more information about the author and it's abstract.  Registered Users may purchase these articles.

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Title Vol No Year
Blackburn, Barry, Sr.The Miracles of Jesus Viewed from Above12012
Bridges, Carl B.Evil Eye in the Sermon on the Mount, The12001
Bridges, Carl B.Canonical Status of the Longer Ending of Mark, The22006
Carmen, JonThe Falling Star and the Rising Son: Luke 10:17-24 and Second Temple Satan Traditions22014
Clark, Ronald R., Jr.Kingdoms, Kids, and Kindness: A New Context for Luke 18:15-1722002
Dudrey, Russ1 John and the Public Reading of Scripture22003
Ham, ClayTitle "Son of Man" in the Gospel of John, The11998
Hardin, LesThe Quest for the Spiritual Jesus: Jesus and the Spiritual Disciplines22012
Heine, Ronald E.Origen and a Hermeneutic for Spirituality12011
Highfield, RonaldDoes the World Limit God? Assessing the Case for Open Theism12002
Hoover, JamesWealth of God's Glory: A Response to John Piper's "Four Problems in Romans 9:22-23", The12009
Hulbert, W. G.Good King and Bad King: Traditions about Manasseh in the Bible and Late Second Temple Judaism12008
Keith, ChrisRole of the Cross in the Composition of the Markan Crucifixion Narrative, The12006
Kissling, Paul J.Rainbow in Genesis 9:12-17: A Triple Entendre?, The22001
Krause, Mark S.Martin Luther's Theory of Bible Translation11999
Krause, Mark S.Five Postmodern Fingers: Walter Scott for the 21st Century22004
Langstaff, BethA Case of Apostolic Discontinuity: John Calvin on the Anointing of the Sick for Healing22013
Lindsay, Dennis R.Works of Law, Hearing of Faith and pistos Christou ("faith of Christ") in Galatians 2:16-3:512000
Linton, GregoryHouse Church Meetings in the New Testament Era22005
Long, Jesse C., Jr.Unfulfilled Prophecy or Divine Deception? A Literary Reading of 2 Kings 312004
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