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Article Index

Article Index

This is an index of all the articles published in the Stone-Campbell Journal.  Each article is linked to a detail page with more information about the author and it's abstract.  Registered Users may purchase these articles.

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Title Vol No Year
Sumney, Jerry L.A Stone-Campbell Hermeneutic for Justice: A Practical Hermeneutic for the Church Today2522022
Zorn, Walter D.The Violence of the Lamb: Revelation’s Imagery2522022
Bellizzi, Frank V.Miss Meta's Close Call: The Trials of a Female Educational Missionary in Indian Territory, 18942422021
Carr, RaymondReview Article: Slavery’s Long Shadow2412021
Cherok, Richard J.Citizen Campbell: Alexander Campbell and Early American Politics2412021
Eidson, Ryan E.More Than Vocational Preparation: Alexander Campbell’s Method of Higher Education for Character Formation2412021
Estes, Derek.Religious Epistemology in the Churches of Christ2422021
French, MonteGift Language in Ephesians2412021
Gilmore Sr, KennethReview Article: Slavery’s Long Shadow2412021
Helgerson, Bradley J.Jack Cottrell's Defense of Baptism as the Occasional Condition: Examining an Underlying Defeater of Traditional Objections2422021
Hoover, JosephThe Reconciliation of Jesus and Paul: A New Translation of Eph 2:15a2412021
Houston, Joshua SethPaul within Greco-Romanism? An Evaluation of Paul's Knowledge and Use of Greek in Conversation, Writing, and Speech2422021
Lappeman, JamesNew Church Movements and Second-Generation Theological Education: The Boston Movement from 1979–20022422021
Myers, KippyThe Story of Russell Errett's "Mrs. Partington" Caricature of David Lipscomb2412021
Seibert, Eric A.Preaching and Teaching from Violent Old Testament Texts: Pitfalls and Possibilities2422021
Tyson, LaTanyaReview Article: Slavery’s Long Shadow2412021
Bembry, JasonJustifying Slavery via Genesis 9:20-27: The Vicious Legacy of Racist Interpretation of the Bible2312020
Birmingham, CarrieGrown Birds and Poultry-Keepers: C. S. Lewis on Education2322020
Brown, Shaun C.Alexander Campbell's Christological and Eschatological Response to Evil2322020
Childers, JoelFemale Participation in the Kerrville, Texas, Bible Training Work2322020
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