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Article Index

Article Index

This is an index of all the articles published in the Stone-Campbell Journal.  Each article is linked to a detail page with more information about the author and it's abstract.  Registered Users may purchase these articles.

The listing may be sorted by Volume, Number, and Year by clicking on the appropriate column head.  You may also filter by author name by selected the author from the drop down list below.

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Title Vol No Year
Alterman, MarkDigital Resources for Ancient Languages1012007
Bembry, JasonJustifying Slavery via Genesis 9:20-27: The Vicious Legacy of Racist Interpretation of the Bible2312020
Blackburn, Barry, Sr.Liberation, New Covenant, and Kingdom of God: A Soteriological Reading of the Gospel According to Mark1222009
Blackburn, Barry, Sr.The Miracles of Jesus Viewed from Above1512012
Brandell, EricDiscerning the Literary Structure in the Epistle of James2522022
Bridges, Carl B.Evil Eye in the Sermon on the Mount, The412001
Bridges, Carl B.Canonical Status of the Longer Ending of Mark, The922006
Carey, HollyDiscipleship as Action in Luke 10:38-42: Be Like Mary and Martha2612023
Carmen, JonThe Falling Star and the Rising Son: Luke 10:17-24 and Second Temple Satan Traditions1722014
Clark, Ronald R., Jr.Kingdoms, Kids, and Kindness: A New Context for Luke 18:15-17522002
Dudrey, Russ1 John and the Public Reading of Scripture622003
Eastvold, KoryThe Image of God in Old Testament Theology2122018
Fiensy, David A.Archaeology and New Testament Studies: A New Emphasis2222019
French, MonteGift Language in Ephesians2412021
Gardner, LynnRole of Biblical Studies in Shaping a Christian Worldview, The221999
Goldman II, GeorgeUsing the Translation that Fits Your Point: The Use of the LXX in Acts 15:16-182012017
Ham, ClayTitle 'Son of Man' in the Gospel of John, The111998
Hardin, LesThe Quest for the Spiritual Jesus: Jesus and the Spiritual Disciplines1522012
Heard, Christopher.The Lord Determines How the Dice Fall: Exegesis and Theology in Three Recent Board Games2112018
Heine, Ronald E.Origen and a Hermeneutic for Spirituality1412011
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