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SCJ 25.2 Quotables
Chosen by Eric Brandell
Harding School of Theology

SCJ 25.1 Quotables
Chosen by Kelly Tyrrell
First Congregational Church UCC, Crete, NE

SCJ 24.2 Quotables
Chosen by David Reed
Bushnell University

SCJ 24.1 Quotables
Chosen by Stephen Garrett
Cumberland University, Lebanon, TN

SCJ 23.2 Quotables
Chosen by Samuel Guy
Emmanuel Christian Seminary at Milligan

SCJ 23.1 Quotables
Chosen by Jason Bembry
Abilene Christian University

SCJ 22.2 Quotables
Chosen by Andrew Nichols
Lincoln Christian University

SCJ 22.1 Quotables
Chosen by Joel Childers
Abilene Christian University

SCJ 21.2 Quotables
Chosen by Kory Eastvold
Lincoln Christian Seminary

SCJ 21.1 Quotables
Chosen by Ethan Laster
Abilene Christian Seminary

SCJ 20.2 Quotables
Chosen by Kate Blakely
Great Lakes Christian College

SCJ 20.1 Quotables
Chosen by Bradley Steele
Abilene Christian Seminary

SCJ 19.2 Quotables
Chosen by Ryan Shirck
Emmanuel Christian Seminary

SCJ 19.1 Quotables
Chosen by John Kern
Abilene Christian University Graduate School of Theology

SCJ 18.2 Quotables
Chosen by Sarah Dannemiller
Abilene Christian University Graduate School of Theology

SCJ 18.1 Quotables
Chosen by Laura Locke Estes
Abilene Christian University

SCJ 17.2 Quotables
Chosen by Mason Lee
Abilene Christian University

SCJ 17.1 Quotables
Chosen by Amy Carman
Pepperdine University

SCJ 16.2 Quotables
Chosen by Joel Brown
Brite Divinity School

SCJ 16.1 Quotables
Chosen by Dawn Gentry
Emmanuel Christian Seminary

SCJ 15.2 Quotables
Chosen by Lisa Barnett
Brite Divinity School & Texas Christian University

SCJ 15.1 Quotables
Chosen by Stephen Lawson
Emmanuel Christian Seminary

SCJ 14.2 Quotables
Chosen by Ryan T. Hemmer
Lincoln Christian University -- Seminary

SCJ 14.1 Quotables
Chosen by Tyler Stewart
Lincoln Christian University -- Seminary

SCJ 13.2 Quotables
Chosen by Nathan Babcock
Lincoln Christian University -- Seminary

SCJ 13.1 Quotables
Chosen by Adam L Bean
Emmanuel Christian Seminary

SCJ 12.2 Quotables
Chosen by Jamie and Heather Gorman
Baylor University

SCJ 12.1 Quotables
Chosen by Ethelene Bruce White
Harding University Graduate School of Religion

SCJ 11.2 Quotables
James Sedlacek
Christian University

SCJ 11.1 Quotables
Stephen Paul
Emmanuel School of Religion

SCJ 10.1 Quotables
Alisha Paddock
Emmanuel School of Religion

SCJ 9.2 Quotables
Judith Odor
Cincinnati Christian University

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Volume 25 Issue 2

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VOLUME 25, No. 2
Fall 2022



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