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Cross Currents: Rethinking Atonement (with Reflection on Campbell, Stone, and Scott)

Ben Wiebe
Beamsville, Ontario

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In the last two or three decades, new and challenging questions have arisen about the cross and the meaning of atonement. At the same time, for many the cross has become either an offense or an obvious matter of theological tradition represented  in  the  theories  of  atonement.  Beyond  providing  some  reference points, what do they disclose about Jesus and the relationship of his mission to his  destiny?  Many  of  the  key  issues  surfaced  in  the  prolonged  controversy between  Alexander  Campbell  and  Barton  W.  Stone,  and  also  Walter  Scott (which reflects the controversy in wider Christian theology). The aim here is to consider the differences between the three leaders and discern the deeper coherence in the meaning of the atonement.

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Volume 25 Issue 2

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VOLUME 25, No. 2
Fall 2022



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