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Academic Freedom in Christian Church (Independent) Institutions of Higher Education: Critical Matters Regarding Academic Freedom

Aaron Burgess
Dean of the School of Business;
Assistant Professor of Business and Organizational Leadership
Cincinnati Christian University

James Sedlacek
PhD Student
University of Manchester, United Kingdom

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Historically, the “Sermon on the Law” has represented for many the totality of Alexander Campbell’s view of the OT. However, this article argues that the “Sermon on the Law” is not comprehensive of Campbell’s view of the OT but merely presents a single hermeneutical principle. By examining Campbell’s use of the OT in his other writings and his early development, this article contends that Campbell recognized the OT as part of inspired revelation useful for many aspects of the Christian life.

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Volume 24 Issue 2

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VOLUME 24, No. 2
Fall 2021



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