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Did Jesus Love the Little Children? An Exploration of Jesus’ Teachings on Children in the Synoptic Gospel Accounts

Amy Lindeman Allen
Assistant Professor of New Testament
Christian Theological Seminary

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Christian theologies often take for granted that Jesus is unique within his cul- tural context in his caring for young children. This paper challenges that he was unique in his attitude by demonstrating that affection for children was common in first-century Roman and Jewish contexts. Arguing that children were present among Jesus’ disciples, this paper focuses on the experiences of actu- al children in the Jesus movement as it re-reads the familiar passages associated with Jesus’ teachings about children: Jesus calling little children unto him (Matt 19:13-15 // Mark 10:13-16 // Luke 18:15-17) and the child in the midst (Matt 18:1-7 // Mark 9:33-37 // Luke 9:46-48). This examination of these texts shows that the teachings of Jesus on children and the realm of God are both about children, and also for children.

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Volume 26 Issue 1

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VOLUME 26, No. 1
Spring 2023



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