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Redeeming Faith: A Kierkegaardian Perspective for a "Postmodern" Christianity

Chris Simpson
Lincoln, IL

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This study presents a Kierkegaardian perspective on Christian faith and examines its value and relevance for Christians in the midst of “postmodernity.” After appraising the less-than-accurate popular conceptions of Kierkegaard’s view of faith, the distinctive elements of a Kierkegaardian view of faith are explicated with an eye to their postmodern significance. Finally, this Kierkegaardian perspective on faith will be allowed to interact with that of Alexander Campbell for the purpose of seeing the possible helpfulness of a Kierkegaardian view of faith for those within the Stone-Campbell Restoration tradition.

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Volume 25 Issue 2

Current Issue:
VOLUME 25, No. 2
Fall 2022



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