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The Chalcedon Definition, Pauline Christology, and the Postmodern Challenge of "From Below" Christology

William R. Baker
Cincinnati Christian University

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By determining Christ to be “truly God and truly man,” the Definition
of Chalcedon has towered over orthodox Christianity for centuries.
However, its ideas that begin christology “from above” do not
compare well with current trends in Pauline studies to begin christology
“from below.” A “from below” christology stresses functional language
rather than ontological language. The NT describes Jesus as the
One Sent, the Shining Light, the One Who Creates and Sustains, and
the One Who Comes to Serve. Nevertheless, such functional language
assumes ontological realities, including Jesus’ divine status. Theologians
should rise to the challenge of expressing the nature of Christ in
contemporary ways that remain true to biblical teaching.

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